Our Philosophy

Professional grade quality at the best price, the core products for your dance shops

Our Products

Our textile range includes all the core products for classical dance and warm-up: Tunics, Leotards, Tutus, Wrap-around …

All our products are made from high quality fabrics ensuring them to last perfectly over time.

The Dansez-Vous footwear is the fruit of more than 30 years of know-how in specialized workshops.

Our range extends from classical ballet shoes to ballroom dance shoes, including footwear adapted and developed specifically for Jazz or contemporary dances.

True specialty of our brand, our tights offer the best quality on the market complemented by a perfect finishing.

They are all that you would expect from dance tights.

Our underwear has been designed to bring comfort and support in the most extreme movements. They have been designed to be invisible underneath your clothes.

All our bags are made with the highest quality ma- terials and aim to provide you with all the space necessary to carry your dance items.

Among the accessories that usefully complement the Dansez-Vous equipments, we provide essentials such as toe-pads or hair kits. They all meet the additional needs related to the practice of dance.

Recently the accessory range has expanded with a full range of high quality and trendy bags.

Hello everyone, it’s Zélie! This year with the brand Dansez-Vous we decided to let you discover a little more about me and my universe through my line of products. Items for every day imagined by me! Find our tote bags, notebooks, napkins and many other objects to accompany you in your daily life.

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